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I was just about to post this when I decided to stop and answer the QotT. ("What 3 books have changed ur life?")

I save my post, then view the entry. There's only half of it displayed. I freak out, hit the back button, luck out that my old text was still there, and copy-&-paste the HTML view into a txt document. I review the code-----while stricken horribly with the hiccups myself!-----find nothing wrong, and proceed to battle with the stupid website for 10 more minutes trying to get the rest of my post to display in my Journal. Conclusion: Since LJ " u*p*d*a*t*e*d " their word-processor, their services has become practically worthless.

"Update" ~ secret code for fixin something that ain't broke.

I can only hope that all or even PART of this rant will make it through, let alone what I really wanted to say in the first place.

Been skimming Germanic folktales all night. In all, I found two, maybe three that I actually liked. But one in particular stood out. As the very end of one proposed version, I recognized an instance of actual, true depth. Ague with me if you will.

Most classic fairytales popular in today's culture are simply repolished HORROR stories, more often than not filled with beheadings, rape, and the like. Unless one can mistake visceral nausea for the feeling of supreme intelligence (I've witnessed people do it) I'd fully agree that connoisseurs like the Brothers Grimm and filmmakers such as Disney did us---and all of history---a favor by revising them. Sure, save copies of the originals for study, but delight in the remakes.

Anyways, in that vein, I feel I might one day like to rewrite the ancient lay "Heer Halewijn" as a poetic novella. :)

So, Heer Halewijn, legends of the Leanan Sidhe, and The Little Seal Skin are pretty much my favorite unsung myths. 'Unsung' as in less than mainstream; Not like Disney-Princesses-on-your-underwear mainstream, of course.

Got half a mind to write a vampire story just to show by comparison how retarded they've generally become. I'm already attempting that with fairies and angels in my major projects. Heck, I even have a plan for a story that should do that with steampunk. (Commencing Rant: Steampunkers really ought to commit themselves to higher standards of quality before they bandy around the label like they're serious about it. It's like starting all your poems with "roses are red" and equating yourself to the Greats, living and deceased, the sole exceptions being Verne, Poe, Wells, and Lovecraft. *lampshade comment is a lampshade*)

Anyways, hope this whole post makes it through LJ's new mincing technology. D: